When bad things happen to good people
When bad things happen to good people
this is the Story that will change your life

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Voice of Captain Shipwrecked




Why is this site here? This site is my message in a bottle thrown into the sea of postings hoping and praying that someone somewhere takes notice. My only hope of salvaging this shipwreck is by picking up, piece-by-piece, fragments of the lessons learned, and by putting these fragments together, perhaps help me and others, understand how or why I made the incredibly bad choices that led my life aground onto this reef of 'barb-wire'. By these postings, I consider my messages in a bottle as warnings to others about how dangerous and harmful actions on one side of the key-board can be, and the consequences they have to others never seen.

I have to thank God that I have my mother and sisters, along with an incredible brother that have stood with me and offered support in so many ways. As I do not have any ways to actually post my thoughts, I send them to family members that then post them here, tossing my messages into the vast sea of on-line thoughts now known as the internetI am very nautical. It is in my blood. I grew up in Florida and have work on the water for the majority of my life. Yet, I was fortunate enough to experience other professions during breaks from the sea.

I was a rocket technician, but not a rocket scientist. However, long ago I installed thermal tiles on the first space

shuttle "Columbia". I was a bar manager out in Baton Rouge, at a place called "Chelsea Street Pub". I work as a prop assistant on a motion picture filmed in Sarasota Florida, filmed under the name of "Sneakers". As a teenager, I sold wax upgrades at a Fill- er-up car wash. I packaged groceries at a Publix supermarket. But mostly I work around the water.

As a young boy, I took a boat across the Banana River to scrape barnacles and paint boat bottoms at "Fun Time Boats", Merritt Island. Growing up in Cocoa Beach, I learned how to fish outside of Port Canaveral by a great man named Roland, aboard his boat "Mako Maki". I fished with Norman Sr., Norman Jr., and Danny, all of the same family on many different boats. It was then I learned to appreciate my love for the sea. I later ended up in Sarasota, where I received my Captains License way back in 1979.  Then I worked crew boats in the offshore oil field off the Texas and Louisiana coast. I owned my own commercial fishing boat named "Kaye-D", fishing for Grouper in the Gulf of Mexico. I also captained tour boats and charter boats. Then I went to work in the yachting industry. I worked for one man for over thirteen years as captain of his boat. We traveled throughout the Caribbean chasing Blue Marlin, Sailfish, etc. After he was no longer able to enjoy his boat, it was sold. I then went to work for a gentleman from Columbus Ohio for the next seven years - to the day I was arrested. His boat was seen a lot in Key West, Bahamas and the whole eastern seaboard up to Portland Maine. When I got arrest it was a very dark day as my secret addiction came to light. I disappointed and embarrassed my wife and children. Idisappointed all the folks that trusted me.

For those that stumble across my postings, you will learn much about me, perhaps too much. I use mostly real names, but for respect to them not their full name. The owners of the yacht, their boat names were changed somewhat for their own privacy.
Reply to these posts bye-mail or other ways and my family will forward them to me. If you care to learn more about addictions
and recovery, I plan on linking to other resources
. Thanks,

Captain Shipwrecked 



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